6 Apr

Green India turns to dry India

3 Apr

Green India turns to dry India.

Forget in-memory — SiSense raises $10M for in-chip analytics

3 Apr

its really too good


While the rest of the world is agog about big data and in-memory analytics, SiSense is taking a different tack. It’s rethinking business intelligence with higher-speed analysis on smaller (relatively speaking) data sets by taking advantage of multicore, 64-bit processors. The approach has been paying off with some impressive customer uptake, and on Wednesday SiSense announced a $10 million series B funding round from Battery Ventures along with Opus Capital and Genesis Partners.

Technologically, SiSense is trying to split the difference between just about everyone else doing analytics — expensive full-stack business intelligence vendors such as Oracle (s orcl), Microsoft (s msft), IBM (s ibm) and SAP(s sap); big data and data warehouse vendors pushing massive scale databases; and next-generation, visualization-centric vendors such as Tableau and QlikView (s qlik). It’s fast, it’s has its own columnar database and HTML5 visualization technologies, can scale comfortably up about 100 terabytes, and is…

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